Introducing the baby knit romper Deea

Deea baby romper has quickly become one of the best sellers in my shop. It is perfect for baby boys and baby girls, too and it comes in all sizes from newborn to 12 months.


Deea Romper in baby boy colors


Deea baby romper in more girly colors

It is perfect to use as a photography prop and I can tell you that photographers do love it: it is so lovely and easy to put on a baby with the shoulder straps and the cutest wood buttons!


Tiny newborn babies

the studio loft romper and bonnet

… to the babies that are already sitting up

Feeling grateful for having the chance to share my knowledge to the world, I have decided to write the pattern.

And so I did,  with the beginner knitter in mind and added lots of photos to help along the way. It is flat knited, one row at a time, bottom to top;  there is no round knit here. Nope! No sign of it.

So, get the pattern, make a gift! Make it for your baby or make it for your photography biz.

Purchase pattern here: Deea baby romper knitting pattern

Would you like to have one knitted by me? I’d be delighted to make it!

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Free knitting pattern for a simple chunky baby blanket

An adorably simple project for the beginners and intermediate knitters, to make a super chunky baby blanket. 


camel chunky knit mini blanket

Add some cuteness to the baby knit blanket

  1. Skill level: easy / beginner / intermediate
  1. Finished size: 20×20 inch
  2. Materials:
  • Red Heart – Lisa Big yarn or any other super bulky yarn (no. 6) that would fit the gauge. – 200g ~ 120m ( US 7.05 oz ~ 131 yards)
  • Needles: 12mm (US no. 17)
  1. Gauge: 7stitches x 9 rows = 10 x10 cm ( 4 X 4 inch)
  2. Abbreviations:
  • St – stitch (stitches)
  • K = knit
  • P = purl
  • R = row (rows)



Take a bit of the time to check gauge with the yarn and needles you have.

To have a nice finish on the sides, I always slip the first stitch, I do not knit it.

You may use circular or straight needle, whatever suits you better. For me it is easier to knit with circular needles, I find them easier to hold when there’s a lot already knitted on them. If you decide to use circular needles, do not join the end, but work in rows.


We will use for this blanket: the seed stitch for the border to prevent the stockinette stitch from rolling in, and stockinette stitch for the body of the blanket.

The border is formed of 3 rows on the top and bottom and 3 stitches on each side knitted in seed stitch.

Cast on 35 stitches loosely or as many stitches to meet the gauge, but make sure you have an ODD number or stitches.

R1: Slip the first stitch, K1, P1, K1, P1, continue to the end, the last one should be K1

R2 and R3: Slip the first stitch , K1, P1, K1, P1, continue to the end, the last one should be K1

R4: Slip the first stitch, K1, P1, K the next 31 stitches (or until you have left only 2) P1, K1.

R5: Slip the first stitch, K1, P1, K1, Purl the next 29 stitches (or until you have left 3 stitches) K1, P1, K1

Repeat rows 4 and 5 until you have 19 inches – it should be aprox 35 rows.

You now only have to make the upper border in seed stitch!

To make it, repeat the first 3 rows:

Slip the first stitch, K1, P1, K1, P1, continue to the end, the last one should be K1

Bind off the stitches, in knit.

Weave in the ends.

Chunky Knit off white blanketm

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Created for you, with love, by Ioana. Enjoy!

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Did you make it? Please share your beautiful little blankie!

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