The garter stitch


The garter stitch.

The easiest and coolest of them all!

It looks the same on the right side and on the wrong side, too, and this is why it is just perfect for a blanket or a scarf.

Liana blanket pdf

This is the Liana Baby blanket and you can find the pattern here


Ooh! .. and them sweaters look pretty amazing in the garter stitch, too!

How it is made?

Just knit. Knit on the right side and knit on the wrong side. and when you are done, cast it off.

This is it.

How do you feel about this stitch? Have you used it? Tell me about it in the comments below


Twisting it – the cables in knitting

Knitting in cables…. yes, that was pretty scary to me at some point! I thought it to be only for the masters of the knitting world exclusive ability.

I only knew how to play with the purls and knits and looking at those rows of stitches traveling from one side to the other was like magic hands have touched that sweater or blanket or whatever it was.

20150420_160742 (1)

You can find the pattern to this cutie on loveknitting

Until one day I wanted to learn how to do the magic. And I did. magis is simple afterwards, you just have to really get to know it.

So my advice is:

Do not be scared to try to do anything. If you put your mind to it, any celtic cable can be achieved, you can design your own cables, send them in any way, move them around and bring them  back.

If you would like to try and make some simple cables like those in the photo, I have ready a pattern to help you through it all. The pattern is written for a mini blanket, but it has instructions on how to enlarge it to any size you wish.

And a note:

Although it is recomended to use a cable needle, don’t let that scare you away! I don’t use them (even if I have a couple) I just take the stitches out, leave them hanging in front or on the back of the work, depending on the pattern,   knit  the next ones and then just pick the hanging ones again on the needle. It might be a bit tricky because you might lose a stitch if you are not carefull enough. But hey!  just work on it and see what suits you better.