The journey of a new knitting pattern

Ever wonder how a knitting pattern is born? I’d love to share with you the story of this baby dress pattern ♥

I had the design on my mind for so long and finally I thought I found the perfect cotton yarn for it.

Knitting, knitting, writing, writing …..

The first baby dress is ready and looking good, except those lines in the increase part. Nope I don’t like those. I’ll have to change the way I increase. Blocking. Still looking good and I am a happy momma. I am thinking of changing the straps, too. Not really happy with the crochet ones.


It is a good 0-3 months size and now it is time to knit the next one: the 6 months.

BUT No more cotton yarn so, I grab the Drops Karisma I have in hand and go for it. No, I could not wait to go and buy another cotton, I had to knit it THEN.

Knitting, knitting, writing, writing

..changing the increase to a nicer looking one… yup. This seems to be much better. So I delete the previous and replace it with the new one. Change the straps too, to a knitted I-cord.

Finally the dress is ready and it is time to block. I realized while finishing the cotton dress that it is better to block first then assembly the dress, so I do this.

Wooohooo!!! My 6 months dress is a whooping 1-2T after blocking!


Lesson learned: USE the SAME Yarn, baby! 

It is good. No panic, hun! This will be the 1-2T size. 🙂

Still I am not happy with the increase! It seems kindda off. I’ll have to change that again. and the I-cord is a bit too thick. (? stil considering it)

Conclusion: If knited with Drops Karisma, my 0 – 3 months will probably be a 6 months.

Time to test again a new 0-3 size: Cast on less stitches.

Knitting, knitting, writing, writing …..

Yarn is not enough in this color 😦 Arghh!

What if I made the lace part a different color. It’ll be a cute dress, too.

Dress is finished. Time to block. The change color is not perfect. have to go up one row with the new color next time.

I have 3 dresses now. Time for the fourth with the Perfect increase and the Perfect size and the Perfect color change.


And hopefully a good pattern, too!



So, it was a fun journey from the idea to the finished, tangible little baby dress. Lots to learn, as usual 🙂

How are your ideas coming to life? Do you have a fun journey, too?

Share with us all some of your experience in the comments 😉

XO from the Zucchini Island,




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